Lordmancer II

A mid-core mobile online RPG
in a fantasy setting.
Are you looking for the old Lordmancer for java phones?
Information about Lord Coin and using cryptocurrency inside the game can be found on lordmancer2.io
Our core features
The game is based on a previous title made back in 2008 for Java phones. After 7 years, it is still popular in Russia and Brazil. We have just taken game mechanics and monetization from that game and dramatically improved technologies.
Huge game world
There are lots of "lands" to explore. Explorers love that.
We don't tie users to their "home towns". They explore the world hoping to achieve something extraordinary.
PvP and PvE battle
Yes, like in plain old Heroes of Might and Magic. Tens of beautiful arenas, engaging combat, many types of units, numerous kinds of magic.
A player can see, chat, trade, and fight against the other users in real time. However, there's no room for bullying: all players are separated according to their strength.
Clans and cooperation
An experienced player can join a clan or create a new one. The clan can seize and own castles. As number of castles is limited, it leads to a conflict between clans, where an individual player discovers a whole new layer of goals and engagement.
How to play?
Lordmancer II released on Google Play If you are using iOS, you can join an iOS beta testing program through Test Flight.
We are looking for publishers for iOS
and Android for the entire world.